Q & A

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:


           Are my kids going to become more aggressive?

No. Kids learn how to control themselves through the discipline and care we give them.

My child is too timid. Can you help him?

Yes. We work with kids and grown-ups to become more confident through the knowledge in martial arts.

Will I get hurt?



This is a contact art form. We will not let kids and grown-ups get hurt due to lack of supervision. Students train at their own pace to ensure safety.

How long will it take to get my black belt?

Approximately 4-6 years. Since achieving a black belt is not a race, you will be encouraged to go at your own pace. Black belt is the goal; there is no time limit.

Why don’t I wash my belt?

Each student is given a white belt that symbolizes purity. Tradition states that over years of training, the student’s belt will become brown and even black over many years of training.

Why do you have an 18-belt system?

The reason can be said in one word–motivation. The students test for either a belt or stripe every month. This is to show progress. In the old days, students went through a four or five belt system. Every year students would graduate to the next belt. We believe strongly in motivating our students in every positive way.

When will I see results?

After one day of training, you will see the result of ‘knowledge.’ Many people want to see physical results and neglect the mental aspects of martial arts. We work on the mind as well as the body.

Do you teach kids will ADD?

Yes. It has been proven over the years that martial arts can and will improve students listening ability besides their physical ability to a higher degree.

How can I get extra training?

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Private lessons are available. If you are interested in receiving them, please contact your instructor to schedule a time.

Do I pay for belt fees?

Yes. The fees are listed on the rank sheet that is given to all students one week prior to testing.

What age do kids start?

Kids can start as early as three years old. We have many kids who are now or close to becoming black belts that started at an early age.

Can I make up classes that I missed?

Yes. We have two Saturday classes a month for make up. Please see the Newsletter and Calendar for more information. Ask for help if you have any questions.

What makes Almaden Taekwondo special?

First, we would like you to understand a few facts:

  • We properly certify all black belts through Korea. This is very important. Many studios give out phony black belt diplomas made up from a local print shop.
  • We have a Christian attitude. We do not teach students to bow down to Buddha or worship shrines.
  • You are training with an instructor who has many years of expert training.

When I get to black belt, do I stop training?


No. If you train many years just to quit, you should have quit before you started. After receiving your black belt, your training will be more involved. The precision and advanced weapons, throws, and forms will keep you challenged for many years to come.

How can parents help their children at Almaden Taekwondo?

  1. Don’t let your child play right before coming to class. Stop your child approximately ½ hour before class so that s/he can say goodbye to friends and change for class.
  2. Some kids at our academy quit because parents let them do too many activities. If you overload your child, s/he will not stay focused. The child can only take on so much and will quit when tired.
  3. Some parents get upset when their child shows signs of slower learning. My suggestion is, let your child take his own path. Progress will soon show over time.
  4. Becoming a member will create a common bond between family members.
  5. Remember, always encourage not discourage.
  6. Don’t show karate movies that show violence. Kids think they are going to get hurt because they see others get hurt on TV.
  7. Baseball, soccer, and football are great sports. Remember that your child’s martial arts training works on many areas of character building that the other sports don’t touch on.
  8. Keeping consistent in martial arts will keep the interest level up.